We believe that community driven action is a result of inclusive collaboration between many different stakeholders who come together to address the issues that matter most to our communities.


We believe that no single group has the answer to the safety and vibrancy issues that communities face. In order to have a lasting impact, many diverse stakeholders need to be engaged in the design of community initiatives. A wholistic approach to community engagement promotes shared ownership and is mindful of many perspectives.



Community Safety Councils are central to ongoing community engagement and the activation of community driven initiatives. Lead by community leaders and volunteers, Community Safety Councils work closely with REACH to build capacity to address safety and vibrancy issues.

If your community is interested in creating a safety council, please get in touch and we can work together to develop a plan that works for your community! Our process is constantly evolving, but we believe the following elements are key to the development of strong safety councils:

Engagement around a shared vision

By coming together to identify the factors that contribute to safety and vibrancy, a community can create a shared vision for success. This makes it easier to design projects that respond to community needs.

Prioritization of community issues

Collectively prioritizing community issues helps to determine how to focus resources. It also helps us understand which issues are within the capacity of the community to address. Where are the quick wins? Which issues are more complex in nature and will need external support to address?

Dedicated working group of volunteers

Successful safety councils are comprised of members who are passionate about bringing ideas to life. This means volunteering time to coordinate events, engage community members, convene resources and participate in meetings.


Some community actions require the involvement of resources from outside the community. Building and maintaining relationships with city services and external supports can help community safety councils achieve their goals.

Connected communication channels

Different members of the community prefer different ways of engaging. Understanding what communication channels exist - and finding ways to align them to the work of the safety council is key to building connectivity. A connected community is a safer, more vibrant community.

Brandy Basisty
Program Coordinator, Neighbourhood Initiatives

Jaime Calayo
Community Engagement